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masterstarting to add esc supportsevki4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysstarting to add esc supportHEADmastersevki
2018-11-03new colorssevki
2018-10-05fontsrv: copy some fixes from OS X to X11Fazlul Shahriar
2018-10-05upas/nfs: correctly quote IMAP LOGIN argumentsCharles Collicutt
2018-10-01grep: update from Plan 9David du Colombier
2018-09-29libregexp: include stddef.h in lib9.std.hDavid du Colombier
2018-09-19acme: Apply each -/+ only once (#156)Martin Kühl
2018-06-26fontsrv: omit box-drawing characters from line struts on macOSIgor Burago
2018-03-27libdraw: fix error in the previous commitXiao-Yong Jin